Do you want to be the one true viking?

  • Play as Svaag Stormhammar the strongest Viking seen to date
  • Annihilate hordes of invading aliens to defend your home planet
  • Watch ads to gain spins to the wheel of honor, for unfair advantage against other players in the leaderboards
  • Multiple game modes, with varying difficulties
  • Unlock all achievements for an impossible challenge
  • Amazing audio (Play with headphones for ultimate immersion)
  • Gain levels to unlock new titles which has no point gameplaywise

How to play

  • Press the left side of the screen to fly, when released Svaag will fall
  • Press the right side of the screen to shoot
  • You can invert the controls in the options menu
  • Destroy as many aliens and survive the longest to get the best score
  • Collect mushrooms to get ammo
  • Bubbles shows you the way to the next mushroom and gives you points
  • The more ammo you have the bigger your character gets
  • When your character goes over the border of the screen, your character will appear on the other side of the screen(top to down, down to top)
  • If you collect over 20 mushrooms, your character will start shooting rainbows
  • When you run out of rainbow power, you will become small again
  • Upgrades from the fortune wheel will only last until the end of the next cloud phase
  • You can reactivate your upgrade by collecting the Firetail Games logo Bird